mel rose

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I don’t trust anybody. Not anybody. And the more that I care about someone, the more sure I am they’re going to get tired of me and take off.
Rainbow Rowell (via felicefawn)
when the sleazy man on the bus smirks at you
do not smile back
ignore him and look out of the window.
when the man in the shadow of midnight tells you he
will not hurt you
do not believe him
walk away.
when a man at the party offers you the drink in his hand
do not accept it
say you are capable of getting your own.
when the man at the dressing room
says you need a bigger size
do not take his advice
buy the dress.
when the man at the supermarket
offers you a lift home
do not get in his car
go back inside the supermarket
and get security to walk you out.
when the drunk man on the street
whistles at you
do not take it as a compliment
you are not a dog
keep walking.
when the man with the blue eyes
you just met at the bar
asks you to come back to his apartment
do not accept the offer
you are not a rent for the night.
when the man you have known for 2 years
calls you beautiful at 1am
with dried tears and smudged makeup on your cheeks
do not let him go
marry him
A little reminder I wrote to every girl out there (via 400eurojob)
All of a sudden I didn’t fit in anywhere. Not at school, not at home… and every time I turned around, another person I’d known forever felt like a stranger to me. Even I felt like a stranger to me.